We love international orders!  We have been shipping internationally since we opened our doors, and we are happy to accommodate the needs of our international clients.  We know how hard it is to find a lot of items at reasonable prices.  Below are some of our policies that specifically apply to non-US customers, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

Shipping Time

Shipping Internationally is a little different than domestic orders.  Shipping takes longer, sometimes much longer.  To Canada, shipping time can be shorter with UPS, but for most other international orders we recommend USPS.  There are three speeds offered.

  • First Class Mail:  If your items are under 1 pound (453 grams), First Class Mail is available at low rates.  However, the shipping time is NOT predictable.  Most packages arrive within 2 weeks, but some have taken 8 weeks to arrive.
  • Priority Mail: 1-2 week shipping time.  up to  70lbs (31kg) to most countries.
  • Priority Express: Less than 1 week shipping time.  We recommend this option for all instruments over $2500
  • Oversize International: UPS or Fedex offers oversize express shipping.


We do our best to accomodate international orders.  Some countries have size limits when shipping.  We will contact you if this affects your order.  It will typically only affect very large instruments, Tenor Saxophones, Baritone Saxophones, and Contrabassoons.  Bass Clarinets and Bassoons can usually be accomodated.  If we run into size limits, you will have to upgrade to an oversize shipping option at greater cost.

Customs Delays

Customs Officials can be very efficient in some countries, but Customs Officials have the right to inspect and delay packages at will and without notice.  All shipping times given assume customs will not delay your package.  We have had some orders delayed weeks by customs.  We don’t have any control over this, and encourage you to monitor the package once it arrives in customs in your country.  If it takes extra time to clear, contact your local postal authority to see if you need to take any steps to have it released.

Duty / Tariffs / VAT / Sales Taxes

These fees go by different names around the world, but often your government will charge an import tax or fee when your products arrive.  While you are lucky enough to not have to pay any U.S. taxes on your order, you can expect to have to pay a fee on arrival.  These fees vary significantly from country to country, and product to product.  Often these fees are inconsistently enforced depending on your local government.  They are charged on arrival, must be paid in addition to the order total, and are non-refundable under any circumstances.  We are unable to estimate them for you, and you should contact your local government to determine what they will be.  There are over 100 countries that we ship to, and import laws are constantly changing.  You are more of an expert on your country’s import laws than we can ever be.  In the event of a return, all import fees are non-refundable by us.  You are welcome to pursue reimbursement from your local authorities, but in many cases that is not possible.

Shipping to Hotels or Family in the USA

Sometimes our international customers come to the US on holiday and want to have us ship to their hotel.  This is OK with us, but you must pay via PayPal, and PayPal must approve delivery to the address you request.  We can also ship to friends and family in the US as long as the PayPal approves the delivery to the address requested.  Once the package is delivered at the address requested, you agree to take full responsibility for the order.  However, U.S. Sales Tax will apply if the order is shipped within California.

Is Shipping Internationally Safe?

For the most part, shipping internationally is very efficient to most countries.  However, you must take extra care to make sure the address given is accurate.

Declared Value

We declare full value on all custom forms.